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Andrej Šikovec, Msc, MD, specialist surgeon

Andrej Šikovec, MD, is considered a leading vascular surgeon in Slovenia. He performs endovenous laser surgeries on a daily basis and is very skilled not only in these procedures, but also in all other vascular surgeries he still performs in the Novo mesto General Hospital in his position as Chief Surgeon.

He also has experience in working with diode lasers as well as with radio-frequency and is one of the few surgeons in the world who are able to give an objective comparison of the above-mentioned methods. In the last two years he has performed more than 750 endovenous laser procedures. He is very experienced in ultrasound diagnostics using ultrasound visualisation during laser procedures on a regular basis. In June 2006 he founded his own clinic for vascular surgery Avelana.

Dr. Šikovec holds the titles of Master of Medical Sciences and of Assistant Professor in the Chair of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia). He is an excellent lecturer, also fluent in English, which enables him to regularly hold university lectures, seminars and congresses in English as well.

Furthermore, he published more than 30 scientific articles in Slovenian and international medical journals; he is a member of many associations, including European Society for Vascular Surgery and FEMS (Fédération Européenne des Médecins Salariés). He followed an additional professional training in the UK (Bristol Royal Infirmary from 1991 to 1992) and in the Czech Republic (Nemocnice na Homolce, Prague, 1994).
Educational background and academic titles:
  • 1980 – MD degree at the Faculty of Medicine (University of Ljubljana).
  • 1989 – Specialist in General Surgery.
  • 1991 – Master of Medical Sciences in Experimental Surgery.
  • 1998 – 2000 Chief Surgeon of the department for vascular surgery at the Celje General Hospital.
  • 2001 – 2007 Chief Surgeon of the department for vascular surgery at the Novo mesto General Hospital.
  • 2006 - Clinical director of Avelana vein center.

Kristina Kovač, Registered Nurse

Kristina Kovač has been working with Dr. Šikovec since her beginnings as a surgical scrub nurse. She took part in many operations, which were being introduced into daily practice by Dr. Šikovec. Worth mentioning are operations like thrombectomy of internal carotid artery under local anaesthesia (Slovene novelty), endoscopic surgery of perforating veins (SEPS) and endovenous laser therapy of varicose veins. It was only natural that she started to work with Dr. Šikovec when he founded his own clinic. In a short time she has become "the heart" of surgical activities.She has been active in the field of sterilisation for 10 years; she is an active member of The Slovene Society for Hospital Hygiene, and a member of the expert committee of the Sterilisation Section in Nurses Association of Slovenia. She has represented the Novo mesto General Hospital in expert circles of this domain; she has also actively and passively participated in various workshops, seminars and congresses.

She actively participates in Health Care congresses, Surgery Nurses Association seminars, and the Novo mesto Nurses Society seminars with her articles and lectures in the field of surgery patient health care. As Surgery Nurse she mainly works in the area of vein surgery.

She has been working for Avelana d.o.o. since its very beginnings. Her task here is to purchase and prepare work material, to prepare sterile material and to assist surgeries as a scrub nurse. She is constantly following training (laser therapy, compression therapy). With her knowledge and kindness she is always available to the patients who need additional explanation and help.

Damjana Bradač, Business Assistant

In March 2006 Damjana Bradač graduated with honours at the Vocational College for Business Assistants in Novo mesto, where she was chosen the best student of the year.

As representative of Vocational College students she participated in the School Council and she also presented school to foreign partners from Paris.

In two years of her studies and four years of working for the municipal administration of the Municipality of Dolenjske Toplice she gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of administration; she spent the following two years working in Wellness Center Balnea, where she mainly gained experience in management and organisation, active sale and making reservations.

In November 2007 she joined Avelana team as administrative help. Her tasks mainly include reception, organising examination schedule, informing patients about examinations and surgeries, and office administration. She regularly follows language training and training in office administration.
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